Program 0060B - Introductory Olympic Weightlifting Program - Sessions 13-24

Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program

A continuation of Program 0060A providing a further 12 training sessions for the complete beginner.

Designed for use by coaches, this program follows on from Program 0060A and provides a further 12 training sessions that develop the skills of the beginner in Olympic Weightlifting. For each exercise prescribed, advice and guidance is given on key coaching objectives, fundamental skills to be developed, elements of technique to be observed, and teaching strategy to be implemented.

An email is given within the document to contact the author for the purpose of asking questions and further support.

This is a useful and potentially important document for new coaches dealing with beginners.

When you download this program you will also receive a document separately that invites you to enrol in a free online course on "Exercises and Skill Drills" so that you can view videos and textual information that explains exercises prescribed.

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